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Open Government

Open Government

Open Government


We live in a world of continuous news feeds and information flow. Federal and State governments are proactively disseminating information to the public and private sector. This process of providing “Open Government” information is still evolving. The Open Government Initiative represents a significant shift in the way federal agencies conduct business and engage with the public.

OMB defines the three principles of transparency, participation, and collaboration as the cornerstone of an open government. Individually the three principles are important. Collectively they enable a higher level of accountability and transparency to all citizens of our nation.

INDUS was an early leader in supporting Open Government initiatives. We had strong cultural knowledge of our customer’s business missions due to our long term presence in supporting them. We applied an approach to take a holistic view of an agency’s environment, information sources, regulatory requirements and technology readiness. And, we implemented transparency and collaboration capability while carefully balancing with the risks associated with openness.

MTEC professionals have implemented Open Government systems, tools, and services deploying geospatial, SOAP, demonstration code, and user interface toolkits. Our solutions have garnered industry best practices awards signifying our leadership in developing open architecture for building and deploying open government services. MTEC professionals continue to apply sound forward-thinking to maintain and enhance the scalability, reliability and cost-efficiency of all systems that we support through our Open Government solution sets.

  • Applications Architecture and Design
  • Applications Prototyping, Development, and Integration
  • Automated Information Exchange
  • Collaboration
  • Web Development
  • Service Oriented
  • Geospatial Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Content Management and Integration

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